It took me a while to realise that music is the best part of any workout. I used to like doing things in silence but it all gets a bit too serious when all you’re listening to are your thoughts, so a couple of years back I started running with music in my ears. It’s a decision I don’t regret because nothing gets you in the zone better then music. Because of this I compiled a list of some of my favourite jams to share with you guys. Here are some of the top tunes that have kept me going until that home stretch;

1. Avicii – Levels (For that fast paced run)

2. Swedish House Mafia – Don’t you worry child (For the tough run where you need that extra push)

3. Micasa – Heavenly Sent (The cool down run)

4. DJ Kent ft. The Arrows – Spin My World Around (A light gentle jog)

5. Calvin Harris ft. Neyo – Let’s Go (For the run where you’re trying to psych yourself to go further)

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